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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
I agree Toronto is average. Obviously Toronto can fill the seats, which is more then we can say for Miami or Atlanta. But Toronto just does not have that major passion that NYC has imo. Or Boston. Multiple sports being a big deal. In Toronto it seems to be just NHL hockey at 1. That's fine. People have an agenda and like I said Toronto hate for no reason. It's like people are hoping for bill 101 to go away so Montreal can come back.
You cant be comparing Toronto to NYC considering the difference in population. Not to mention, your comparing a city following and embracing non-tradional sports vs a city following traditional sports. In Toronto, or Canadian markets in general for that matter, Hockey is the biggest sport, it is and always will be the most followed which is why hockey in Toronto is #1. Second in Canada is football, however our NFL tease once a year is taking away interest in the CFL, put an NFL team in the city and id expect a sell out every week. The fact that Baseball and Basketball teams even survived in a Canadian market should be a success in itself. Compared to more largely populated cities in which culture largely popularizes the major sports then yes we are ok but not great, however in comparison to the cities most closely related like Vancouver and Montreal (who in their defense also have 1/3 of the population), then there really is no comparison. Not to mention, with an exception to New York and considering the Bills association, Toronto has more professional teams than any other city (tied with LA and Chicago) in North America, splitting fans between 6 leagues (not considering less popular AHL, NLL, etc.)

Originally Posted by OSA View Post
I live in Burlington and I know all about the traffic....

1. There are 3 teams in the GTA and, you are right, the target market is the "hockey fan" that supposedly lives in the area where the team exists. The issue remains that the GTA is full of Leaf fans, not so much hockey fans. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that Leaf fans can not be enticed to attend a junior hockey game even if some of their best prospects are playing. If you really loved hockey, a little extra time in the car would be a small price to pay.

2. I drive regularly on the west side of the city and I "brave" the traffic to attend hockey games because I like hockey

3. Again, the focus is on the GTA as a market and there are plenty of individuals who have cars and don't necessarily live in a condo in downtown Toronto

4. The games are broadcast in every other Ontario-based OHL market as well, yet London still draws 9,000 fans per game, Kitchener 7,000, Ottawa 6,000.....

5. Watching Galchenyuk play was in reference to another poster who I'm told has a friend that is a big Habs fan, yet, this friend more than likely did not bother to go watch the teams' best prospect play the Battalion on a Sunday afternoon a mere 2 weeks ago.

Oshawa draws fine, but Mississauga most certainly does not....they draw terribly. Furthermore, both teams have Leaf 1st round draft picks on their rosters so you would think that there would be a nice spike in attendance due to Leafs' fans' interest in the teams' prospects.....but you don't.

Ok, so take the games off television and the rinks will be packed with all of the people that would have otherwise stayed that how it works??

6. That's fine, and I'm sure most Leaf fans do indulge in the variety that Toronto has to offer. However, I would argue that HOCKEY FANS would choose the hockey, especially when there is the opportunity to watch Steven Stamkos or Drew Doughty or Jeff Skinner or Patrick Kane.....

The largest question yet to be answered, with the Powerade and Hershey centre 6.4 km from one another, do you not feel that the fan base of the area was split between Mississauga and Brampton? Now with one folded i atleast expect the majority of Battalion fans to start attending steelhead games and with that see an attendance pushing 4000 (roughly combine both target demographics).

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