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11-12-2012, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
Surely thats a typo? If not, I wish our team was so lucky as to be in your talent-a-plenty shoes.
the supply of high end elite types does not exceed demand

please explain why that statement would be a typo?

Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
I still dont get this. Even with a long term deal, there is still an individual player cap. Currently its $14 mil. Can Nashville afford to pay the individual cap limit for a player? Yes. For two players? Yes - they made such an offer.

By structuring deals for these types of franchise players, that the owners, GM's, teams, and fans all like to lock up on cap friendly team building deal for the long term, GM's save cap space and money, and owners even get non-cash expenses at the end of the contract to benefit even more.

To force 5 year terms with no variance would only ensure that Parise, Suter, and Weber would all have signed 5 year cap max contracts of $14mil, with annual raises of 5-7% written in to acknowledge the inevitable revenue growth to come.

Does that actually help Nashville?

Nashville could afford 5 years at $14mil and then a 2nd contract after that of $12-12-6-6-6 and then a 3rd at $6-3-1-1-1, but if we roll all those up into one long contract they suddenly cant afford it?
The owners in Nashville could hardly afford coughing up another 20m or so signing bonus to keep both Dmen, and that was the point. Leipold put MS&E team in deeper debt in order to do this, not to sure what kind of debt that Nashville carries these days, but there is a reason they didn't do it

What I'm saying I suppose, is that there are only 4 or 5 teams that can really afford the luxury of handing over a barrow full of cash before the season starts. There are two or three others that can go to the bank and do it. Even if it were 10 teams who could do it that leaves 20 teams who either won't or can't. The Cap the UFA rules were supposed to bring true parity to the league. Having 2/3rds of the league unable to get into the hunt for big game is not what I would call a level playing field

oh and btw you cannot write raises into a contract

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