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11-12-2012, 10:14 AM
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Yes, Fitzpatrick played well enough to win the game, no question about it. But the defense forced NE to kick a FG to allow Fitz to go down and try to win the game. Which he was not able to.

TJ Graham even said he ran the wrong route. The thing is if Graham runs the right route what are the chances Fitz hits him in stride and doesn't throw the INT anyway. When Fitzpatrick threw the ball TJ was already at the back of the end zone. Was he throwing based on the route or based on where the player was? I've seen guys run different routes to give their QB's a place to throw the ball. If Fitz throws it higher than the NE player TJ is wide open and most likely catches it.

Regardless of Fitz's play the past few weeks, which to me really hasn't been impressive, he still can't carry this team to a win. Brady has a worse running game, and a terrible defense, yet they still are up there because winning games comes down to game management and the ability of the QB to win the game, which is something he has yet to show consistently through his whole time here.

I will say though, the whole coaching staff needs to go. Players are not prepared, they are being outsmarted, and they are so set on proving Fitz at QB works, that they will stay away from their game that works, the running game. Also, What is the deal with Buffalo hiring coaches with NO emotion? Last coach that any emotion throughout a season was Wade Phillips. Mularkey had some but it didn't last a full season. I'm not saying Having emotion wins games, but at least show some kind of sign that you care.

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