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11-12-2012, 10:19 AM
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Is it wrong that I just want this to keep getting worse? To the point where the owners mindset changes from

"If we lock them out, the players will eventually cave, and we'll get what we want. It's a small sacrifice to pay every 6 years"


"The players actually have a 'union' lets start talking early on the next agreement so we can avoid losing so much in a lockout."

I hate lockouts. I hate not seeing my favorite players. I hate not seeing my favorite team.

Right now though I'm missing out on watching a team that just finished 30th in the league.

I'd rather miss these games now, and have a better player/owner balance going forward, so that in the future when the team is better (heck, even 29th place is better...) we run less of a risk of a lockout.

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