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11-12-2012, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Panda Bear View Post
Re: property taxes

Edmonton has some of the lowest property taxes of any major city in Canada. Only Calgary and Vancouver paid less per $1000 of home evaluation. Our tax levy is far lower than other cities, and we miss out on any possible civic funding that would come from paying PST.

You're only complaining because you're used to being one of the few exception for taxation rates in Canada. Given all Edmonton's financial outlay courtesy of its citizenry, it's asinine to suggest that a growing city of our size could ever hold off on raising taxes. We're fortunate that we're as well managed as we are--the City of Edmonton Corporation is the one of the most efficiently managed municipal corporations in Canada.

For more information, just have a look at this document which collected its data from municipalities themselves.

As you were.
Thats a selective look at it and one source of information.

Just to clarify as well when laymen residential owners and taxpayers speak of "property tax" were talking about the tax to the city + the education amount. With the Education amount in Edmonton being typically high.

Look at this graph which gives an entirely different, and more inclusive, picture of expenses.

Remember I was talking about total residential homeowner expenses which are astronomically high here. One should also consider in this the nature of services one gets for their money. I happen to live in a city with substandard public transit. If I lived in Toronto I'd expect to pay higher property tax and i'd get more for my value.

Finally, we're also in a city where some essential services like for instance garbage pickup appear as utility levies right now as opposed to that cost being borne out of taxes. Each municipality has different rules about what constitutes civic services vs which services involve addtional levy.

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