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11-12-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
^^^^ agree.

And Dodger Stadium's location is just too hard to get to. Every other city I"ve visited has better (rail) access to their stadiums. I know this goes back to the O'Malley's move here from Brooklyn, but getting to/from games is just a hassle now.

The main problem with Dodger stadium is that it's to nice to tear down and start over - that helps it be a 2nd rate stadium when compared to other MLB stadiums.

It's really kinda funny (sad), there are many teams that had their stadiums built AFTER Dodger stadium, yet they have already torn those stadiums down and they have built better ones: Philly, Pitt, Cin, Seattle, Atl, Milw, StL, SF & SD (well, did not demolish Candlestick or Qualcomm - yet).

And Dodger fans are stuck with this 50 yr old relic that you can't tear down or get to.

Just read this post.

I agree with you regarding the access to DS. What are the chances the new ownership negotiates with MTA to build a rail access to the stadium? That'd be ****ing sweet. I mean, the Dodger Express bus is nice, but the bus still has to share the streets with the LA traffic and beat it. Some people are just not willing to pay for overpriced parking (like me).

The Blue Line has helped Staples Center's attendance grow.

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