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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
The wisdom that has evaded the Islanders and many fans is that a player is first and foremost A HUMAN BEING, needing growth and stability and time to grow and refine the many traits that will make them successful in life. Just like any animal in nature.

When you consistently turn out young pups into the wild to fend for themselves, they fail a majority of the time. When you see a school of fish, the hatchlings die in an abysmal rate to predators.

Now look at elephants and lion cubs. The maturation process is slow. Methodical. There is great care in ensuring the survival of the young.

The Isles can not afford to have their youth come up too soon a la Bailey/Okposo only to have them MAYBE reach 50-70% of their potential because we can't wait until the 25th to unwrap our presents AGAIN. Reinhart will be a great talent but....has to grow. His offense is not maximized and his defense is solid. My myopic black and white view is this:

The Dteroit Red Wings wait and wait and see success with their lion cubs. The Isles have their nine game stints and can't wait for whatever reason and end up with fish food. Why not start acting like a lioness and less like we have? Are you afraid of waiting and guaranteeing a greater chance of success or can you just not be patient?

Ryan Strome has to get bigger. Want him to try realy really hard and possibly get injured? Because we don't want to see another Rolston? We'll end up signing a Rolston once Strome is on IR.

Just do it right. The way Torrey did it, the way Holland and Devellano do it. Wait, and when the time is right, enjoy the fruits of our labors.

The Isles vineyards makes great grape juice. The wine? Leave that to someone else? Perhaps you can gloss over Okposo, DP, Bailey, Nino, Chyzowski, Lindros, etc. and focus on Tavares. I can't. I look and see some kids like Hamonic develop quickly and some like Joensuu take longer (and it looks like that kid is about to start being ready for the bigs!). Is it not worth waiting for something better to you?

When Reinhart can step into camp and make someone on the roster expendable and can bring the entire NHL game from day one, he earns the 9 games. That is how you ensure you are the best. And that THEY are at their best.
I completely understand where you are coming from, but I don't think you are guaranteeing anything by being overly cautious with your top prospects. A player who reaches 50-70% after 2 years of development could end up being that same 50-70% player had they had 4 years of development. Maybe even worse.

I know everyone brings up Detroit as an example for how to develop players, but I really don't understand what they've done that was so different(as far as their timeframe when bringing players along. Obviously they have drafted differently). Here are just a few players:

Zetterberg(7th), Datsyuk(6th) and Kronwall(1st) all had 3 years of development before they made it full time; Jimmy Howard(2nd) had 2 years; Johan Franzen(3rd) had 1 year; The only player I found worth mentioning who took longer than 3 years was Filppula(3rd) who took 4; Even retired players like Lidstrom(3rd) took 2 years, Fedorov(4th) took 1 year, and Yzerman(1st(4th overall...same as Reinhart and one slot before Strome and Nino)) went straight to the NHL.

I don't think there is a team in hockey that has consistent success because they restrict prospect development for at least X number of years. It's all a crap shoot, taken with a wait-and-see approach.

I still think you are under the impression that I want Strome and Reinhart on this team next year no matter what, which isn't the case. They should be evaluated in camp, and based upon how they performed the year prior, and that should dictate whether or not they make the team. I have little doubt Strome will make it, but that probably has more to do with me being extremely high on him, and a little to do with me knowing this team probably won't invest in a center(or any kind of forward) on the UFA market.

I do doubt whether Reinhart will be ready, but I only question whether he will because of the kid's extreme size in regards to the league he is playing in. At that point next year, it may serve him better to start having him compete against men so he can really learn how to utilize his big frame, instead of letting him continue to physically dominate at the WHL level where he could potentially become complacent. Either way, I expect it to be a very tough decision no matter what the coaching staff chooses to do.

Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
Do you wish he waited longer for Bailey and Nino? Just curious.
Bailey, yes. I was completely shocked when I found out he made the team in '08. As far as Nino goes, not necessarily. If I knew that the team was only going to use him in a 4th line role, then yes I would have waited longer. If not for the injury, though, I think he would have probably gotten an opportunity.

That said, I still think Bailey will become a very valuable player for this team. He's really impressed me in his time on the wing and love the potential that a possible Bailey-Strome-Okposo 2nd line brings. Obviously I would have loved for him to have gotten a little more seasoning, but as of now I like where he is at as a 23 year old NHLer.

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