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11-12-2012, 10:58 AM
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I wholly disagree with any claim that "without Fehr, players don't get a step down to 50/50 while keeping HRR." The league offered 49/51 with unchanged HRR and almost the exact same contracting setup as their last offer prior to 9/15. They added, when making that proposal that it was very much up for discussion but the PA declined to negotiate against it. They absolutely would have made a deal on 9/14 with a two year step down and the current other terms (or better, but possibly without make whole) without losing any of the season. The players would have been far better off in that scenario as they've already lost much more salary than they can possibly hope to regain over that deal since.

Put simply, by refusing to negotiate prior to 9/15, Fehr picked a fight that had no winning scenario for the players, and now they're stuck with it.

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