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11-12-2012, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by JMT21 View Post
The NHL would always be secondary in the Seattle market. The goal is to get an NBA team first and then look at the NHL as a minor tenant alongside an NBA team. Sure... Quebec is a small market but (like Winnipeg) the owner of the team would also own the arena and glean all accompanying revenue from the new facility. Not saying the NHL wouldn't work in Seattle but if you want a "slam dunk" market (pardon the pun)..... Quebec is the place to go.

The attractiveness of Quebec could lead the NHL to think they could reap massive expansive fees from PKP but whose to say PKP would go that route. But... this IS the NHL.... a league where things are done that more often than not... defy logic.
The NHL is secondary (if even that) in every single American market, though.... except maybe, maybe Buffalo and that's only because the Bills suck and most fans probably think that they're going to relocate relatively soon anyway, so I wouldn't think that that'd be a knock against them, per se.

But, if anything, your point would probably indicate that the NHL would rather relocate a team to Seattle and expand into Quebec City to maximize the potential financial windful that they could get out of both markets initially. Although QC is by far the most NHL-ready market right now, so you'd think that'd weigh more heavily in favor of them for relocation....

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