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11-12-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Alycat View Post
Disagree then again I can only go off of what my dad and historians say since he was before my time but his stats speak for themselves. He was a great coach with sub par players.
listen to your father- I just checked and was surprised Nelly was with Boston 10 years- wow, I should known better because I started going to games in early 70's and a bunch in 1976 and he was still on the team. Also, I knew he played in the mid to late 60's so duh, he had to have played 10 years and have a handful of bling.

I will switch to Nelly. Shame though on Lynn, he had a chance to be great and get in the HOF. Weird thing is I remember the stories where his wife Deddee wanted to go back to the West Coast and why he left. Now they are long since divorced and he married a girl I think from Taunton and lives here year round.

btw I really liked your dad, guy knows a lot about sports. hope whenever the lockout ends you bring him to a game or two

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