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11-12-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Levitate View Post
I'm no expert on the NFL, but it seems like that league may be approaching that point...the NFL is incredibly brutal and hard on a players body and you have guys who are crippled for life after playing a relatively short amount of time, yet the league is incredibly profitable and has a very favorable deal and pushed for more last CBA.
All very true... but during the last CBA in the NFL there was some kind of pension plan put in place I believe. IF that were the fight here, every fan would be on the players' side (I would think). We all know that these guys (in the NFL, the NHL and to an extent the other leagues as well) put their bodies through hell... have short careers mostly and should be able to make enough to survive after they leave the field/ice, etc.

That isn't this fight. The players want to keep things as close to to how they were as they can because they were taking home the lions share, even in a cap system that was supposed to limit their %.

It was a flawed and ulitmately doomed system they were playing under... the owners scrwed up... everyone knows it (including the owners themselves). They lost an entire season for the salary cap, and none of the resrictions that need to be in place to allow a cap system to function properly.

Hopefully this CBA will solve some of those issues.

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