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11-12-2012, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by HockeyGuy73 View Post
I'm tired of going through this every couple of years. Now is the time to crap or get off the pot. I use to be a die hard baseball fan, but when they lost their season, I never went back. I am getting to that point with hockey now. Maybe growing up and having a few kids changed my priorities.
I have to agree with you. Tired of who gets how many million. I struggle to feed several children and make house payments. Both sides want to complain over who gets the next million? Really not buying any tickets for a couple years. May watch on TV, but hockey players are getting as greedy as Ozzie Smith wanting $3 million a year as a .200/.220 hitter. Shut up and play. Owners....It is a new America with 11% unemployment. You all better figure it out or you will be losing your shorts. Get your prices down to a reasonable level. Players be satisfied you are playing the sport you love for a living and getting paid well for it. Owners realize that your supply and demand curve will be declining when no one has any money.

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