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11-12-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by glenwo2 View Post
Considering that basically *EVERYONE* dopes on that corrupt Tour De France, I find it quite humorous that they'd scapegoat Lance like this.

I think that tweet serves two purposes :

1.) It's a Big F.U. to the UCI and the French who are jealous of an AMERICAN kicking their ass in *their* event.


2.) To forever remind everyone that they can take away his records from the the record book(and even try and take away his Yellow Shirts.....good luck with that; "possession being 9/10th's of the law" and all that), but they can't erase who won those races from the people's minds. Plus, there still was no real evidence presented that proved that Lance did anything. Only thing I'm hearing and seeing are guesses, assumptions, and pure Tin-Foil Hat accusations.

They should just come out and say : "We don't like it that an American dominated a Sport by the French so take that, Monsieur Armstrong!"
You mean U.S. Federal prosecutors didn't like an American dominating a sport?

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