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11-12-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild View Post
But what is the point of all Bettmans final demands on contract restrictions. If the money is already agreed upon and linked and there is a triple cap, what difference does it make whether players can go to arbitration a year earlier or not? Its just changing how money is allocated, not how much is spent. He would torpedo a whole year to help who exactly?
It's a competitive issue for the NHL, not a financial one- they'd rather not have teams having to pay large sums to unproven young players. It also helps teams keep homegrown talent a little longer, which helps with fan support. More or less the same as UFA age- the NHL wants to work with the competitive balance, players want to spread the big money deals out over a broader base of players.


I guess im missing something obvious then. Im figuring our team for one would love to have two more elite talents like Sakic Forsberg or Crosby Malkin like back in the days when great teams were great and remembered in lore, but it doesnt feel like there are enough to go around for all of us.
Supply: Number of high end talents available.
Demand: Teams that want them.

You're fundamentally missing what supply and demand are.
"The supply of high end elite types does not exceed demand" means the same thing as "it doesn't feel like there are enough to go around". When demand exceeds supply, prices get raised until there's less demand.

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