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11-12-2012, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by cbenini87 View Post
I don't think I could disagree with this statement enough. It goes on in real life and I would expect it to go on in the league.

Islanders and Penguins fans at the very least are familiar with the game that featured approximately 9000 minutes in penalties. It didn't happen for the hell of it.

There's a certain point where the game is over. Nobody likes to lose but especially get embarrassed. After a certain point the game is over where it's time to let up. At that point both teams just want to get out with no injuries and the game to end.

I think this is perfectly acceptable if you ask me. If you want to keep pouring it on and not let up, that's fine but I would have no problem taking a run at your players either if you're going to keep pouring it on. I had no problem taking a run at Duchene in Colorado last year when he continued to come at me with hits and shots when he was up 5-0 with 5 minutes left in the game (whether he realized it or not - he's too fast he's hard to catch lol).

My last game against Tampa, I was up 6-1 and spent that last 10 min of the third period or so just bringing it half way and dumping it into the zone.

This isn't the BCS, there's no reason a 9-1 game should even happen.

While a physical game there is some degree of class involved. I know in my case you'll be getting what you give.
Agreed.. not this season because I've been struggling, but I know last season and in versus, I had some games where I was blowing out teams.. and after a certain point I would just dump it in... or just maintain possession in the offensive zone, not really taking many shots, just to eat away time.

Or I would try out some new strategies.

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