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11-12-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by KevFist View Post
I've never been chasing in TX or OK, but I know it's a great deal safer than it is here in the Southeast, mainly due to terrain features. Alabama is quite mountainous for the most part, so it's easy to have something come up on a ridge on you. In the Midwest, you can literally see for miles.

If you really want to do some storm chasing n the Midwest, I suggest using a chasing tour group your first time. I highly recommend Tempest Tours, due to their association with Chuck Doswell. He and Leslie Lemon are two of the best known minds when it comes to Supercell Development and Tornadogenesis.
Awesome. I know tornado "sightseeing" tours have been increasingly popular in the past few years.

Speaking about weather, beautiful day in Southern Qc and warm. Montreal beat its Tx previous record of 16C with a 19C at noon and most certainly still increasing. Yesterday we had a warm front passing over us associated with a low pressure system currently located over Hudson Bay, left us with freezing precipitations in the morning. Cold front will pass late evening over Montreal. Probably the last push of warmth before Winter (it feels like I've told myself the same thing many times this fall already).

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