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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
imo the exact opposite is true...if the players are locked in at 50/50 then why do the owners care how the contracts are split up. if a team wants to sign a player to a 10 year deal and screw themselves under the cap then they are only hurting themselves as long as they are still at 50%. forcing them to split up the contracts more evenly or wisely shouldn't matter...
I am so tired of this argument.

"Teams should just show restaint and not sign bad contracts."

No. Just, no. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Of course teams should try not to sign bad contracts. But in a competitive system where the best players get the biggest and longest deals, the system itself perpetuates the handing out of bigger and longer contracts in order to attract the star players. If an owner isn't trying to compete for a Stanley Cup by handing out these deals, he's failing the fans as an owner.

The system itself promotes people having to gamble to give out these deals. If they don't, they aren't getting the best players.

So every time someone says "The owners should just not give out these bad deals," that is just a complete lack of awareness of what is going to happen every time you have a free agent system that is based on the highest bidder.

The owners cannot "not give out bad deals." If they all sit there and agree not to give out those long deals, it's collusion. It's illegal. If any number of them try to compete with each other (even if it's just a handful of the owners), the inevitable outcome will be risky, bad contracts as the competition pushes the scope of the deals to the edge of whatever is allowed under the rules. Those owners who aren't competing by bidding up the contracts are failing their fanbases even worse.

The CBA is THE TIME that owners try to get these things under control. And it is the only logical, moral, or practical time for them to do so.

It's ridiculous to blame the owners for requesting contract limits because "they could just not sign long contracts."



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