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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
The bolded exactly describes the entirety of Subban's career so far, perhaps outside of the last half season to which you allude. Hence the loose comparison.
No it doesn't. There is a distinct difference between Subban and Del Zotto and that's being relieable in their own end. Subban in his first season was on the shutdown pairing with Hal Gill and let's not pretend that Gill did the massive lifting there. This last season same thing except he had a rough start again but elevated his play once again and ended up on a similar level defensively as Gorges (source: Boucher scouting reports) who is regarded by many as one of the most reliable shutdown defensemen in the league but put out nearly identical offensive numbers as in his first season where he was more of a loose cannon. Del Zotto is just nowhere near him defensively, and offensively they are close but Del Zotto only beat him in points by a small margin because he had better defensemen getting the hard minutes ahead of him. Subban is most definitely not just an offensive PMD, however loose the translation may be, he is a complete player.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Now, is that because they're both RH shots, do you think? Wouldn't it then also be dictated by the forward lineup that coaches have to work with, and/or the style of game they want to play? If Del Zotto remains their best LH defenseman, do you think it necessarily makes sense to play him with Subban on the first pairing, or does a more "balanced" top two pairings make more sense? Is there a reason that guys with a more "boring" style like McDonagh and Pietrangelo end up with more icetime than more "dynamic" players like Del Zotto or Shattenkirk?

Again, I love the passionate guarantees. I just don't see the value in not giving credit where credit is due, just because a bunch of people believe doing otherwise is demonstrative of "failing to move on" or "crying".
I don't see what being a right hand shot has to do with it as I said he would be first on their depth chart as far as defensemen go. Him being paired with McDonagh would be devastating too.

I don't know what you're talking about in the last part as I have made no mention of you crying or failing to move on, I was simply responding to your opinion on Subban and Del Zotto which I felt the need to intervene on.

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