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11-12-2012, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JSC View Post
Yup. I watch Breaking Bad like a mad man, and the transformation is eerily similar to Walter White. Walt is more of a bad ass though.

As for the child, I don't think she(?) will be a hybrid, but you never know, I guess. I'm more interested to see how Rick and Carl will feel towards the baby, since she cost Lori her life. Gotta love these AMC shows, they really bring it.
It seems that Carl will handle his Mothers loss with the best interests of his baby sister and Loris wishes in mind. Not that he won't deal with some resentment and a potential desensitized loss of social conscience. Now Rick on the other hand seems to have really lost it after his ruthless zombie axing spree and discovering his wife's remains in a walkers belly. Should be interesting to see how he copes and mostly who is at the other end of the phone line. That will be revealing in some sort of way. Not really sure who it is though. Any theories?

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