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11-12-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by chrisx101 View Post
You cant be comparing Toronto to NYC considering the difference in population. Not to mention, your comparing a city following and embracing non-tradional sports vs a city following traditional sports. In Toronto, or Canadian markets in general for that matter, Hockey is the biggest sport, it is and always will be the most followed which is why hockey in Toronto is #1. Second in Canada is football, however our NFL tease once a year is taking away interest in the CFL, put an NFL team in the city and id expect a sell out every week. The fact that Baseball and Basketball teams even survived in a Canadian market should be a success in itself. Compared to more largely populated cities in which culture largely popularizes the major sports then yes we are ok but not great, however in comparison to the cities most closely related like Vancouver and Montreal (who in their defense also have 1/3 of the population), then there really is no comparison. Not to mention, with an exception to New York and considering the Bills association, Toronto has more professional teams than any other city (tied with LA and Chicago) in North America, splitting fans between 6 leagues (not considering less popular AHL, NLL, etc.)

I'm comparing Toronto to its immediate contemporaries. Boston, Philly, Chicago, SF, DC. Vancouver and Montreal are not even in the discussion. But I mostly agree with you. Toronto can do better though.

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