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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
They are succesfull in their other business ventures because their other business ventures don't have a union demanding millions and wanting over 50% of Revenue. They aren't successful from their NHL teams.

The onus is on the owners. That's why they're trying to put a system in place that they think will allow them to be successful. The players aren't letting them. There already is revenue sharing. There has been all last CBA.Sure, you can increase it a bit, and i'm sure there will be even more revenue sharing then last CBA, but what the players are demanding is too much. I agree, take pocket change out of all the top owners and give it to the poor. But don't go in and take 2 of their houses, 4 cars, their pet dog, and the 80 inch screen. That's too much. They aren't an ex wife, they shouldn't be entitled to half lol.

The owners do need to add more revenue sharing. But the players do need to help keep salaries down for league health. A healthy league is better for the players. They don't realize it, but it's true. The problem is players aren't trying to keep salaries down so the league can be successful. They're thinking me,me,me even if teams go bankrupt,as long as they make their 2.6 million instead of 2.3 million.

They could care less about the other players in the league, much less the owners, or even the future of the league. It's about them, right here and right now. I don't mind that to tell you the truth, but what bothers me is how it's all about the brotherhood publicly when everyone knows it's about anything but.

Like I said earlier, I don't know how Craig Adams and Sidney Crosby can be sitting in the same room and believing that BOTH of their best interests are being met.

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