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11-12-2012, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
Peyton has more TD's in his last 5 games than Eli has all season despite not even having a bye week. Eli has also gone three games without a TD pass for the second time in his career, something that Peyton has never done in his entire career. It's also something Rodgers has not done since becoming a starter and something Brees and Brady only did once in their careers both as rookies.

The Giants are a very good team that usually go through this midseason slump before turning on the jets at the perfect time heading into the playoffs. Eli is a very good QB but I will reiterate a point I've made consistently the last two seasons: There are four elite QB's in this league and Eli is not one of them.
Kinda funny how you were quiet on Eli until the whole team slumped. Also, how is your CJ having a ton more TD than Cruz prediction going?

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