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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
i'm sick and tired of every single one of your rambling 'i love the owners' post so that makes even LOL
I actually love hockey. This is what's best for hockey.

but seriously 50% is 50%, how you split up that 50% whether its forced by rules or subject to the teams descretion it doesn't change the fact that 50% is still 50%. that doesn't even remotely hint at 'owners should control themselves'. you are already controling the owners by capping the players at 50%.
Yeah, 50% is 50%, but if it's all tied up in a long term deal that obviously decreases owner flexibility at re-shaping their roster. Yet another handicap that is a detriment to teams putting out the best possible on-ice product.

Never mind the other argument about how long term deals only benefit the top 1% of players.

But specifically, I am addressing the argument that owners should just refrain from giving out long deals. I'm saying that without a CBA provision limiting the length of deals, those deals will just keep going up and up until you eventually get lifetime deals, basically. We're already practically there with the 12 and 14 year contracts.

It is simply impossible. If there is competition, it will happen. If there is not competition, it's either collusion, or some teams are simply not trying to win. Either should be unacceptable to the league.

There is only one legitimate way to control contract lengths: that is to set the max length with a CBA agreement.

This is no different than putting it into the rules that you're not allowed to skate into the crease or carry the puck with your hands. You set the rules before the games are played to avoid chaos.

Frankly, like I said, I'm shocked that the players (the 99% anyway) don't realize they are being sold out for the benefit of Sidney Crosby. The players are dumb if they don't realize this. So this is really a pro-player stance.

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