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11-12-2012, 01:59 PM
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After digesting what happened for a day, a few things don't change.

Kavis Reed for one, has to go. After this season, and especially the playoff game, there is no way you can bring him back saying he's the best choice for us to try win the grey cup.

His problems have been well documented, but lets summarize. His inability to have this team playing disciplined football (time count violation anyone?), inability to continue to run even when we have 2-2.5 capable running backs and have had success when running the ball(we're something like 6-0 if we rush >15 times), and his stubborness in terms of starting a QB where he plays friends and has cost us a fair number of games.

Those are off the top of my head, but there are others I'm sure. He looked like a completely different Head Coach at the end of last season, but this season, all he's done is very much different than last year.

You can't bring him in next season though. Let me preface by saying I hate change. I think continuity at a football club is a key element in future success. But I don't know if you can bring Kavis Reed back next year and say with confidence, we're challenging for the Grey Cup. He had an absolute abysmal season coaching. You'll have a number of changes on the personnel side of the ball, I don't think you can get the best out of them if Reed has another season like he did this one coaching wise. Same story with Crandell. Nelson I'm on the fence about, but a new HC should be able to choose his staff. It's frustrating but I think Reed has to go. We had a good D and a good rushing attack, pro football teams have shown with those two elements, you can win games convincingly. Yet we choose to rely on our weakest link on the team through out season, that's poor coaching. Plain and simple.

On the player personnel side of things:

On the D. I like our D-line, and think if they were healthy, it would've shown to be a dominant group. Laurent has been an outstanding pickup by Tillman for a 2nd round pick. His ability to play both the pass and the run really effectively has really solidified the middle. Donny O has been good against the run and surprisingly useful rushing the passer. Howard is Howard, and a terror off the edge. We need him healthy. Williams was ok before injury, I though Lang played really well.

Our LBers are OK. Truth be told I want to bring in one more impact LBer to compliment Sherritt. Maybe someone who is more adept at rushing the passer or someone who is better at dropping into coverage. I think we need one more player here.

Secondary wise, I'd like to add atleast someone to replace Rod Williams. If we can upgrade in a big way, this group becomes even better. I think we can and it should really help this become a much more scary D(it's good, but it can get so much better).

On the offense:

QB: We all know this situation. Both Jyles and Joseph should be gone. No questions asked. I bring in one CFL 'vet', like say a McPherson(if he's available) or a Kevin Glenn (should Calgary release him) and neg list guy (target Dennis Dixon from the Ravens), in addition to Nichols and Masoli. Have a QB competition in training camp and have the best QB start. Having healthy competition on the roster can only be a good thing.

RB: I actually don't think this group needs as much work as some thing. Cut Boyd, have Messam healthy, and run with Charles, Messam and McCarthy. Have some additional bodies around in case of injury. It's a fine group. Just use them.

WR: Again with this group I wouldn't change much. I think having Bowman back will be big for this group. Bowman, Stamps, Koch, Chambers and Coehoorn is a pretty formidable group. Especially since I love the potential of the latter 2 (namely Chambers who could a monster). I think it's fine.

O-line: We need some work here. I'd bring in Pasztor if we can and have him compete. Firstly Kyle Koch needs to be replaced. I know he's a NI, but he gets beaten like a rented mule on far too many plays. Bring in another NI, however more expensive that may cost, and replace him. Rottier and Wojt are fine as starting G's imo. Hinse looked good as starting C IIRC, but bringing in more competition is not a bad thing. We have alot of NI depth otherwise. Mitchell looks to be coming along great. Pasztor should have the ability to potentially play LT if given time to get used to the CFL (he gave up 5 pressures in his college career at Virginia as a LG). Between those 2, I think we have our best shot at a NI LT, but I don't think I'd risk it next season. Let them earn it before handing them the position. Steenbergen, Stevenson Ramsey, O'Donnell are good depth NI players, but I'm not sure how many of them are needed. O'Donnell is raw, and I think he was thrown into the deep end. I think he could be useful if given time. I'd keep a guy like OT Orin Thompson. So going into next season we'd have:

OT: Pasztor/Thompson/O'Donnell/Mitchell/Steenbergen(?)
OG: Rottier/Wojt/Ramsey
C: Hinse/New guy

Thompson would be LT, Rotter LG, Hinse C, Wojt RG and one of Pasztor/Mitchell/O'Donnell would be RT.

Spend money on the D and at QB though, I think O-line isn't as bad as it looks, and rather our QBs made them look worse (notice how protection got magically better when Nichols played?). We just need them healthy and a good QB behind them.

Special teams: Our coverage unit needs to be better. Our kicking situation is a bit of a cluster****. I think at this point you have to cut Dales. Great punter, and a NI, but Shaw has shown he can do the punting duties and we spent a 1st rounder on McKnight. Dales will give us cap space too. He was worth his contract and played well, but we made an idiotic decision that leads to him leaving the team. Even though he was good while he was here.

I don't think we're as far as some people think, it's just we need to hit on a few things.

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