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Originally Posted by Cerebral View Post
You can never have enough young defencemen with potential in your system.

Go back a few years and we had Lynch, Woywitka, and a plethora of other young guys in the system. Fast forward a few years and basically none of them developed into what we expected. Drafting based on the perceived depth of your prospect pool is incredibly risky given the high rate or prospects not developing.

I don't mind the addition of Moroz but I would have been a lot happier had we have selected him in the 3rd round. The odds of him falling that far weren't great on draft day and thus I would have been okay with the Oilers not selecting him.
The Lynch years was when we had Fraser/Prendergast drafting 'nuff said on subject. While I don't think that Stu is some kind of drafting savant, I do think that he is better than the previous head scout. Schultz is as surefire as it gets, then you have Smid and Petry who are already somewhat proven who are both a good age. So it comes down to this, we have 3/4 top 4 spots locked up for sometime barring unforeseen circumstances. So it comes down to this, could we trade a guy like Gagner or Hemsky for a top 4 D even if it's a package deal? Is it unlikely for one of Klefbom, Marincin, Musil, or Gernat to be that 4th top 4 D? Is Finn a better bet to get there than even 3 of the 4 that I've just listed? Klefbom is not Woywitka, he is behind Schultz, but he is a fairly sure bet as well. Brodin and Klefbom are said to be in the same class of player and Brodin looked very good against the Barons, IMO Klefbom will be a top 4 D.

So back to the toughness that can play part, who do we have? Eager? I guess, when he wants to play tough he can. So it comes down to Moroz and Ewanyk. If Moroz becomes a 3rd line physical player it's a solid pick, if Ewanyk becomes a tough as nails spark plug on the 4th line that can be a bit of a pest to the opposition, that was a solid pick.

Moroz is just what the Dr. ordered for us, and we have taken big swings for guys with skill, Martindale, Rajala, Rieder, Roy, Zharkov, Gernat, and Laleggia were all taken after they fell (in Laleggia's/Gernat's case because they are very talented).

I for one wouldn't be surprised to see us draft a projected top 6 center with our 1st round pick this year, it'll be interesting to see what the blogosphere will say about that if Gagner is still around by then. This team needs an infusion of toughness, grit, and strength up front in a bad way.

Originally Posted by Cerebral View Post
You can add in Paajarvi and Yakupov. Likewise, if we're even going to consider guys like Gernat, Marincin, and Musil, we need to look at guys like Hamilton and Lander as well.

The only area we're really "missing" in terms of prospects is elite, top-end forwards and that need is somewhat alleviated given that we have NHL-proven young players in Hall, Eberle, and RNH along with a guy like Yakupov who will almost certainly turn out.

We need to continue drafting the best player available. If it's a defenceman, great. If it's a big forward, great too.
Somewhat alleviated? Unless an elite forward drops into our laps and we can't pass him up, or it is an elite forward with size/grit/toughness (preferably a center), we aren't in need of that kind of player unless it's as trade bait. We will have 5 guys making big coin for us in the next 3 years and at some point we need to spread the wealth a bit. Most teams don't have more than 4 really high end forwards under the cap system and unless the player fits the criteria above or it's an elite forward vs. drafting crap IMO our forwards are set in terms of elite forwards.

Besides elite talent IMO the toughest thing to acquire is toughness that can play. These players become extremely valuable in the postseason and in general are hard to come by.

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