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11-12-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by surixon View Post
Correction a few owners are to blame. There are a number of teams who have not given those contracts out and refuse to give them out. But I agree that the owners have to come off there stance on contracts a bit, the 5% decline is really all they need to get rid of the long term front loaded deals. Keep everything else the same. There is a deal to be made here, but I expect a bunch more complain until its signed.
Tough call with that statement.
We only know for certain how contracts end but know what happens before.

For example: If most news indications are correct, which they aren't always, most of the NHL teams offered Parise and Suter the same contracts but they chose who they could take. The only teams that didn't may have not more due to restrictions with cap space and such.

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