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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
Speaking of Firefly, I was just watching one of those comic-con specials on TV. Apparently Inara had something in her that, if she was ever ***** (forced to have sex), that person would die. Whedon was planning an episode where she gets kidnapped by Reavers, and when Mal finally comes to save her, he sees the ship full of dead Reavers.
I'm kinda glad they never had a chance to do that. That's way too dark.

Inara's story was probably going to end up going dark all around. Somewhere I read that Morena Baccarin said she figured out from reading the scripts and other material (and was later confirmed as correct by the writers) that Inara had some sort of fatal illness and didn't have long to live. So given how much Whedon loves to milk all the drama and angst as he can out of character death, things with her probably would've taken a dark turn somewhere down the line.


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