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Originally Posted by Oilbleeder View Post
Oh and for head coaches I'd like one with an offensive pedigree please. Someone who can get the best out of our offensive weapons.

Also, I see alot of people say Ed Hervey should be GM. I know he's a head scout, but does he have experience in any other side of football? Namely man management, contracts etc etc? That side is important too, so just wondering. (honest question, appreciate any answers).
Hervey doesn't yet have the experience you are asking about. He's a great finder of talent, but he hasn't been doing the other things that a good GM needs to do, such as managing the cap, dealing with players and agents, dealing with GMs from other teams (trades, etc.). I think he shows a lot of potential but I'm not sure he's ready.

However, I expect that the new guy will be either Hervey (he'd have to learn on the job) or Lemmerman. Odds-on favourite it will be one of them.

I don't know if Kavis will be back, but if he is you can count on some other things happening. Kavis and Joseph come as a pair. If Kavis is here, Joseph will also be here. This is 99% certain. Jyles will not be back, regardless who is the coach.

As QBs, right now these appear to be the most likely candidates for camp: Nichols (we hope), Masoli (the coaches love this guy and he's been the best QB in practices), Joseph (Kavis likes his leadership) and two of Dixon, Gautier and maybe a current CFL QB signed from another team (McPherson or Reilly, for example). Nichols will have an MRI and the fear always is torn ligaments, which can be a career ender or mean a very long recovery.

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