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11-12-2012, 01:51 PM
Ricky Bobby
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The Nucks are in win now mode.

The Nucks could use another defender to play over Alberts and Ballard (who has been a horrible fit) but Toronto won't be sending Phaneuf or Gardiner anywhere. Liles isn't really necessary as Vancouver already has an awesome powerplay. Komisarek nobody wants. Holzer isn't an upgrade. So we're left with Gunnarson who is ideal because of his contract status and he doesn't need PP time. Ballard would get a chance in Toronto to revive his career.

The Nucks also could use a 3rd line center with Malhotra not being what he was just a few seasons ago and the trade of Hodgson. Which means either Bozak or Connolly would go the other way. Lombardi is still to much of a post concussion project to have any value. Everybody craps on Connolly but if he was playing 14 or 15 minutes instead of 17-18 and had a more clearly defined role he'd thrive. He also has an expiring contract and cap hit on a one year deal is mostly irrelevant if you don't have anywhere to spend it.

The Nucks could also use a winger upgrade over Raymond but out of the 3 concerns this is the least pressing. However, CMac would be an upgrade. Not a huge upgrade but still an upgrade.

Vancouver addresses their weaknesses to help them win now, have lots of cap space for after next season and are left with a very useful 4/5 quality defender in Gunnarson.

My proposal is:

Luongo (5.3)
Ballard (4.2)
Raymond (2.275)

Total: 11.775


Gunnarson (1.325)
Connolly (4.75)
CMac (3.25)

Total: 9.325

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