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2020 NHL Draft

2020 Top-10 Projected Players
1) Jim Vaccari, USA, C, 2-Way Forward
2) Arthur Wood, WHL, LW, Sniper
3) Tyrone Merkley, WHL, LW, Playmaker
4) Torsten Viklund, Elite, RW, Power Forward
5) Carl Milley, OHL, RW, Playmaker
6) Johnny MacKay, OHL, G, Hybrid
7) Fred Kavanagh, WHL, D, Defensive D
8) Jack McLaren, WHL, D, Defensive D
9) Edgar Meech, OHL, C, Sniper
10) Ken Daley, NL, D, Defensive D

2020 Top-10 Picks
1) Boston Bruins - Jim Vaccari (79ovr, 4.5yellow)
2) Vancouver Canucks - Fred Kavanagh (66ovr, 4yellow)
3) Calgary Flames - Tyrone Merkley (64ovr, 4yellow)
4) Toronto Maple Leafs - Jack McLaren (65ovr, 4yellow)
5) Dallas Stars - Edgar Meech (65ovr, 4yellow)
6) Winnipeg Jets - Arthur Wood (65ovr, 4yellow)
7) Winnipeg Jets - Ken Daley (70ovr, 4yellow)
8) Calgary Flames - Torsten Viklund (63ovr, 4yellow)
9) Buffalo Sabres - Carl Milley (60ovr, 4yellow)
10) Ottawa Senators - Johnny MacKay (55ovr, 4yellow)

New Jersey held the 15th overall pick in this draft. Seeing as there was nobody that they liked around that spot, they made a trade.

To Columbus: 2020 1st (15th)
To New Jersey: 2021 1st, 2021 3rd

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