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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
Still did not because I think this reasoning is flawed. Just because it simple doesnt make it correct. un fact, the reason why I think its flawed is because its overly simplistic.

Position is ALWAYS a factor, however it isnt the only one.

Skill level, character, likelihood to sign, injuries, are all included factors when deciding one player over the other.

Now say, you have two prospects you simply love. Both have the potential of being key players, both have tons of character, both want to sign with your team. Now, you only have ONE pick, so how do you choose? Thats when position comes into play.

So lets take your Toews-Wishart example. If you are team that wants a defensman, sure, Wishart has Toews beat. But dont forget to consider the rest of the factors. It was clear back then that Toews skill level were a tier higher than Wishart. Put all the factors together and you gave Toews at tier one and Wishart at tier 2. Now if Wishart was at similar skill level, then position comes into play

To summarize, you are oversimplying things. you are right, position should not be the only factor teams use to pick players, but it is a factor nonetheless.

Ummm yes so you are agreeing with me. Lets look back at what I posted.

If they are smart they draft the best player. If the talent level is even, they you pick the best position.
You have thus summarized that it would be a terrible idea to pick position over ability and used Toews-Wishart as the perfect example. In the paragraph before that you confirm that when talent is even, say Jack Johnson vs Bobby Ryan, you pick by position. This is exactly what I said and then offered up a simply summary of the #2 player picked vs the next player picked at the opposite position. You then disagree with that, and summarized your disagreement by agreeing with me.

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