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11-12-2012, 02:33 PM
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Back story: For this season, our league merge the Division 1 and Division 2 teams to form one division because a team from each division dropped out. We were in division 2 and up until this point had won a championship and lost one in the 5 or 6 season we have been a team. So far this season, and up until this game, we had only lost once against the former division 1 teams with that one loss being by one goal against the best team the rink has to offer. We had a lead with 3 minutes left and never trailed the game. Our goalie played like a monster and I hit the post with a second left which would have tied the game.

Yesterday, we played them again and I knew I'd have to play a complete game (as well as several other) in order to have a chance. We were down by two goals at one point, 3-1, and came back to tie it with 4 minutes to play. They score a couple quick ones and we get within one with a little over a minute left. We throw out a 'hero' line of sorts but cannot get anything going.

As a forward that recently shifted to defense, I played easily my best defensive-defensive game to date. Positioning was sound, gave them nothing one v. one, played the body when I needed to and use my speed well to recover and break up plays. Saved a few goals by knocking away tap-in rebounds or tying up my man. Even had a quality assist on a breakout saucer pass from my own goal-line, right on my wingers tape at our offensive blueline after they made a bad change for a breakaway. It was the first time I felt like a QB going through progressions until I found the open receiver while playing D.

Even though we lost another tough one, a game like that has to give us confidence if/when we play them in the playoffs because chances are a championship will have to go through them. I kept preaching to our team that regardless of what happens, we have to keep working because that'll be what tips the game in our balance.

Afterwards, one of their players said to us, 'you guys don't quit.'

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