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11-12-2012, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by whatsbruin View Post
I don't remember Oates asking out of Boston.
I remember Oates complaining to O'Connell or Harry about the lack of talent on the
team. I think it was O'Connell, and then O'Connell went in the dressing room and
pointed to individual players and asked Oates if the player didn't have the talent
to be on the team. Soon after Oates was gone.

I think if you look at the talent, or better yet lack of talent, on that team, Oates
was justified. With out looking at the roster, I would bet only close to 1/3 would
make the current B's roster.
This. He called OC's pooh, and got the hell out of Dodge. Good for him. I cheered him at the time, & cheer him now.

Remember the Dave Poulin thing, where he signed with someone else (forget who) and Harry had the gall to whine about "loyalty"? And he wonders why he's the most hated man in Boston sports, other than his former boss.

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