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11-12-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Leafsman View Post
Is it me or is anyone else a little puzzled as to why the hell NHL players even have a union????

I thought trade unions were implemented to protect workers from unfair work practices. They were designed so employers can not take advantage of employees and to give the little guy power.

Here we have a trade union fighting to protect an employee's "Bargaining power"???? Who gives a **** about a players bargaining power!! Seriously! The union in this circumstance is just getting in teh way. The players have never been mistreated or abused or taken advantage of (In the modern era anyway). They have actually been pampered and treated too well to a point that has become detrimental to the league.

The union is standing in the way of a necessary shift in the business model of the league that is needed to preserve it's health and longterm growth. The union should step aside and only intervene if it feels players are being abused or mistreated. Single hotel rooms on road games is not mistreatment of employees and not a issue fort the union. Union's have forgotten their role and are steeping out of their grounds.

The league wants to lower revenue because it feels it is necessary. Players should either agree or walk.

You mean players association. Big difference!

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