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11-12-2012, 02:56 PM
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Overrated by us. Should we look for the Trunev threads too? How these guys had unreal skill in foreign junior leagues?

Let's call it for what it is. He was a potential steal but at same time, he didn't reach it, maybe he will but he hasn't shown enough. Sure, he doesn't play much but lets look at the facts. Multiple coaches and neither have faith in him.

Is he being mismanaged? Maybe but considering its a development league with a very young team I find it hard to believe its some kind of unfair bias by the coaching staff.

It's going to happen again, everyone knows it. Bozon, Hudon haven't been hyped up too much surprisingly but they are much better than Avtsin.

I'm starting to be very weary of foreign players doing well in the minor/junior(not CHL) team. We've drafted quite a few but I don't remember any in the later stages working out.

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