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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
So, Crandell for Head Coach?

Good teams build from within, not last place teams. If we promote a member of this staff, we've basically just pulled an Oilers, who are the furthest thing from a model franchise. Every major member of the staff needs to go. Reed and Crandell without question. The fact that Nelson refused to blitz against a QB who's kryptonite is the blitz is an unflattering indictment on his intelligence. Kick returns were poor this year, and we capped the season off by booting a ball straight to Chad Owens that promptly went the other way. Whoever is in charge of special teams can GTFO too.

LaPolice got a very average roster to the Grey Cup last year. Reed did much worse with better personnel. I'd have no problem bringing in LaPolice.

I'm with you and Liquor on looking at Lapolice as a serious candidate. He also had crap for quarterbacking, as was shown after he left. But I don't remember him making all the boneheaded decisions our coaching staff has made. Nelson hung his own neck on Sunday, as far as I'm concerned by being stubborn and refusing to adapt to something that might and probably would have worked. We have some really good talent on D, but I think they need to be in a system that allows them to aggressively attack. Leaving RR to have his way in the pocket was suicide and you could tell after the first couple series that eventually, that strategy would pay off for the Argos in spades.

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