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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
This was discussed at length a few weeks ago in the following thread.

To summarize if a player did decide to break his NHL contract and if the KHL was willing to terminate the MOU then the player could almost certainly stay in Russia.

However the IIHF`s rules are pretty clear and that player would almost certainly be barred from playing in Sochi. The IIHF rewrote its Transfer Regulations after the Radulov incident and all its members including Russia, Canada and the US are bound by the new rules. The new IIHF Transfer Regulations specifically recognize NHL contracts and state that players who break them will be suspended from IIHF competitions. Also the IIHF Transfer Regs are not dependent on the MOU between the NHL and KHL, in other words terminating the MOU would not terminate or change the Transfer regs.

Basically the only way someone like Ovi could break his NHL contract and still play in the next Olympics would be if Washington agreed to it and I can`t see that happening. Then again, at this point, they're probably more in favor of stifling the growth of hockey in Europe. The more popular hockey is in Europe, the stronger the European leagues become, and more of a competitive threat they become.

The IIHF obviously wants the NHL to participate in their tournaments so I`m sure the NHL had some input on these new regs. There are links to the regs and other docs in the thread I posted above if you are interested in reading further.
Thanks for the info.

I still see the IIHF bending under pressure on this one. Sure, with a tier two player they'd no doubt enforce. But if Russians are denied their elite players, the IIHF would have legitimacy problems. It's not exactly a strong organization to start with.

Makes me wonder how much longer pro players will be involved in Olympic hockey. Too many competing interests. And NHL owners sure have the ability to be nearsighted.

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