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11-12-2012, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Ummm yes so you are agreeing with me. Lets look back at what I posted.

You have thus summarized that it would be a terrible idea to pick position over ability and used Toews-Wishart as the perfect example. In the paragraph before that you confirm that when talent is even, say Jack Johnson vs Bobby Ryan, you pick by position. This is exactly what I said and then offered up a simply summary of the #2 player picked vs the next player picked at the opposite position. You then disagree with that, and summarized your disagreement by agreeing with me.
I agree your first quote 100% but disagree the way you are approaching your argument. Its over-exaggeration to prove a point.

No one in this thread is arguing that position is the only factor there is when deciding between players. Absolutely no one.

The main argument throughout this thread is Mackinnon versus Jones, a debate between two equally skilled players. Position comes into play here.

But your examples have nothing to do with said argument because they aren't close. There is no, as you put it "I hope everyone learned a valuable lesson here." because the examples have no base in the underlying debate here.

I think there is just miscommunication here.

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