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Originally Posted by Bjindaho View Post
A 95 wRC just means that we plan his days off around guys like those starting (and still have him as a pinch hitter). He is competent, just not a star. The problem with Choo is that we'd have to give up assets to get him and would only have 1 year guaranteed.
I agree on the days a guy like Price is starting you may want to give him a day off but in reality he is an everyday MLB player who can hit lefties at solid number.

Sure he has 1 year left but that will factor in during the trade talks and lessen the return for CLE as they know he is going to be an FA. They would probably take a lesser return knowing he would not sign there again.

These are the moves to make to get premium talent in Toronto. Sure you may lose a prospect but its a chance and that is what will turn this franchise back around into a winner instead of hording the trading chips and waiting for that player who has contract left and is making cheap money.

Can't always wait for that controlable player with many years away from FA those player will cost double what Choo would cost.

You bring a guy here regardless of time to FA and provide him with a good team to play on, show him what a great city it is and how great the fans can be. Provide him with a competitive market value contract and forget about the team friendly contract and you have a chance to sign him.

There is a risk but remember that risk is what brought the Jays Roberto Alomar and Joe Carter. I remember that deal and people of Toronto who are old enough remember that is was not well received giving up Fernandez and McGriff 2 homegrown players and stars at the time.

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