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Originally Posted by Diamond Joe Quimby View Post
You must've missed my post earlier that agreed with you and said that he would fit the lineup and fill a need. And, if you did want to sit him against a tough lefty, you could put an already signed Rajai Davis into the lineup to face a Lester or Sabathia. My main issue is the cost of acquisition as I mentioned before, and the opportunity cost involved in using those assets on a LF instead of a SP. That's all.

Your comment about 'the game being played on the field' would be even more funny if you saw who you were speaking to, but I'll digress. I'm not hiding behind the Sabremetrics, I was just trying to help you and Jones out by presenting statistics.
Haha I saw that after going up haha

I know what your saying but there is a risk but sometimes you need to take that risk. If the farm is as stocked as AA says it is then going after another SP is going to be easy with all the great prospects the Jays have.

Maybe in the Cleveland deal you add Masterson and give up a couple of better prospects. You can then still sign an pitcher on the FA market and then you have both pitchers you need to start the season.

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