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11-12-2012, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by glenwo2 View Post
Yeah I'm a Jets fan but I already have known for a long while that my team sucks.

Funny thing is that your Dolphins celebrated like they won the friggin' SuperBowl after beating my pathetic Jets.

And that pic of that lineman(or whoever he was) waving at the Jets was really funny because I was immediately thinking what his feeling is now at this moment.....Doubt he feels like "waving" now, huh?

apice, *I* am a better QB than Mark Sanchez.

This is no secret. He sucks. That's not a debate. That's FACT.

That said, though, the Dolphins QB isn't exactly evoking memories of Jay Fiedler, let alone Dan Marino either.
waht the hell are you talking about?

Tannehill has played 9 games. and he HAS looked good, if you watched the games. but of course you haven't so

sorry you are ******** that my bad team beat your bad team. thems the breaks.

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