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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
Oh I get the argument. It was a horrendous move by the league. Teams are afraid of losing talent after a few prime years despite numerous years of development. Trouble is the league sold that time away for the cap. Gotta bargain to get it back.

They are pushing for the NBA level contract. How is that working for parity?
well not to go back to the same old 'teams should learn to control themselves' argument but slats is proof that the rules will work the way they are intended IF teams use them that way.

slats kills his RFAs on 2nd contracts cause they have no leverage. he could easily just give mdz $4 mil/year but he doesn't have to. so he'll hardball mdz and get him for 1/2 that and then with that extra $$ he is able to add richards/gaborik/nash. he very easily could have overpaid on 2nd contracts and then not had enough for those 3.

in some cases (ie isles/tavares) it makes sense to overpay the guy on his 2nd deal cause you don't want to piss him off and want to make sure he stays long term. but those are the exceptions. the majority of the players don't warrent the big deals tossed out on 2nd deals.

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