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11-12-2012, 03:31 PM
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ah, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree, Faidh ar Rud Eigin. clearly you are a kw fan, blind to the several downturns this year, buying full in to the rosey presumptive forecasts from city hall and chambers of commerce. housing starts are down this year in kw and unemployment is up. you seem unable to see much value in neighbouring areas, especially that cesspit of guelph where both actually outranked kw. but fair enough, selective vision, i get that. and dont worry that kw, led by rim has been hit very hard this past couple of years, it will recover, as will the entire area.

fwiw, i think kw is undersized, isolated and not as rich as you think, and that hamilton is well positioned for the future with major development downtown and new innovation. no worries tho, i understand it's much easier to think of hamilton as a decrepit steeltown. and it's much easier to think that waterloo and laurier are producing brilliant minds and that mac is full of dummies, even thought it's just not true. and never mind that hamilton is strategically a much better location for an NHL franchise. i mean, really, why would the league want to encourage natural rivalries with the leafs and sabre when fans will be flying up from florida and los angeles to see the kw snowballers.

sorry man, kw will never get an nhl team.

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