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Originally Posted by Neilio View Post
Not only could they not eat most of the bones, but how is he going to fit an entire adult human being inside of his guts and only look like he just went to the buffet at Fuddruckers?

His stomach would have split open on its own pretty early on if he would have tried to eat her all by himself.
You have to remember they're aren't completely human and perhaps his stomach has no walls to control his portions or it just simply exploded and he kept eating. Sort of like the scene off the seven deadly sins, you know the one about gluttony.... Although I do see your point, there's just no way he could devour the bones nor do zombies ever eat them frm what I recall...

Originally Posted by Psycho Dad View Post
Don't let anyone, especially fans of the comic book, ruin the surprise for you.
He's not hallucinating himself into a state of disillusion where he becomes possessed killing anyone he can blame for Loris death is he... Thanks for the heads-up though. I heard the writer has strayed quite a bit from the main plot but it still has the same twists and overall direction?

Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
The governor. Or the black chick. Lori?!?!
The governor and Merle have to be high on the list. How about the black guy from the beginning.. Or even his newborn daughter calling from her tikes phone.

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