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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
Really all this is doing is proving my point about how people here undervalue any player who doesn't have a great OBP. You say he's worse than average, Toronto would say otherwise. Teams like the Rangers, a top team who want him as their starting catcher, say otherwise. This is the point about sabemetrics being used and not caring about anything else. Why do you think there is no GM who swears by sabametrics completely, not even Mr. Moneyball Billy Beane.

Replacement level would presume there are minor league catchers who are as good as JPA. That simply isn't true. Replacement level will always remain the reason WAR is not taken as a major stat among big league personel. How can a player be at or below replacement when there is no one lower than MLB better?

JPA is an above-average catcher, other teams considered that. Like I said, you would be laughed at if you said JPA is no better than Mathis and is one of the worst catchers in the league. It's really the same as hockey fans who use CORSI, just on a larger scale. Sabametrics has it's place, but when you use it as an end all be all like you are, it's useless, pointless. The way you talk, no team should give more than an midling prospect for JPA or an OK relief pitcher, which is completely ludicrous. Mathis was had for nothing, and you think JPA is no better.

I'm pretty glad people like you don't work for the Jays, though I wish you worked for a team for some good young players, Jays might be able to swing a good player for nothing.
Stop pretending that you know what general managers around the league think about J.P. Arencibia, you don't. Nor does anyone else on this forum.

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