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11-12-2012, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Rusty Batch View Post
My suggestion would be to keep it at the hardest difficulty, but to allow users to backout vs CPU. Two reasons for allowing people to backout:

1.) People are going to do it anyways, ive already seen a couple teams in the league with DNF's vs CPU. Its too easy to make an excuse as to why you received a DNF. So you might as well make it fair for everyone. And who really cares anyways?

2.) I would prefer to see everyone have a great record vs the CPU, and for people to be ranked based on their record vs Human players. Plus if someones star player goes down due to injury vs the CPU thats brutal.
Anyone have a problem where you are playing against the CPU and you lose connection to the EA servers? Happened to me twice this week and I had to replay the games both times. So annoying. I was winning both games and then I ended up losing them both. It didn't give me a DNF I don't think, well it shouldn't since I had to replay them from the beginning.

The hitting is ridiculous in this game. The computer crushes you everytime with no run up needed. When Brian Gionta can take out Chara like he is nothing, you know there is a problem with the physics engine.

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