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11-12-2012, 04:08 PM
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We will always talk about the 1980s Oilers, Isles and the 1970s Habs. We won't ever be talking about the 2012 Kings or 2011 Bruins or the 2010 Hawks especially after their fire sale when the team won.

None of those teams were "great" in the all-time scheme. I would say post lockout there are three teams that I would say "could" have been elevated to all-time greatness. The 2007 Ducks had a team that I felt could have won more than once. They screwed it up pretty bad. Niedermayer and Selanne "held out" after 2007 in order to stay under the cap and the team never had that mojo afterwards.

The 2008 Wings could have been that team as well. I don't think they screwed it up at all, they just didn't win another one. The 2009 Pens are a team I think many of us figured would have more than 1 Cup by now. Then they somehow lose to Montreal in 2010, Philly in 2012 and their core was injured in 2011. It became more and more clear that they were a team with less and less hunger to win.

So yeah, I liked it better when there were dynasties. Or even just flagship teams that everyone hated. You might have hated the Flyers but you never missed a game when your team played against them. The NHL needs that hate back in the game again. It is always a better league when the fans hate certain teams and love seeing them lose. And the NHL is always a better place when there is a team that no one can knock off the mantle, like the Oilers.

I honestly don't know what it is these days. Gretzky probably would have wanted to win 10 Cups with the Oilers. He won 4 and was as good as he had ever been in 1988. We haven't seen that with Crosby, or Malkin. They dominated in the 2009 postseason and then have been mediocre since. Or look at Staal, or Getzlaf for example. Young players winning the Cup early with a bright future ahead of them. Staal hasn't been the same player since he won in 2006 and that isn't right. Could all that money they make just simply reduce their hunger to win?

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