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Originally Posted by Tortorella View Post
Then D'Antoni runs into the Spurs.
Actually, the Suns in 2005 were better than the Spurs and had a 3-1 series lead on them that year in the WCF and would've won the NBA championship as they had a MUCH better team than the Pistons that year who the Spurs beat in the NBA championship.

That whole series turned around when a Spurs player (who's name escapes me right now) in Game 5 pushed Steve Nash hard and then there was almost a fight and punches thrown, but mainly it was just a scuffle because of the hard foul on Nash in that game.

Thanks to a VERY dumb rule that David Stern implemented in 1997 (i'll be getting to that in a minute) where if any player from any bench puts a foot on the court when things are out of control, despite not doing anything, you are then suspended automatically for no reason. Mind you, The Suns players that were suspended in Games 6 & 7 were I think a combination of Stoudemire, who was a real difference maker back then, and a force to be reckoned with, and in his prime, and some other players from the Suns that I can't remember, and from the Spurs too, but the odds clearly favored the Spurs with these suspensions.

You might ask yourself what's it to me and why do I care enough to respond and defend the Suns that year against the Spurs? Well for one, my best friend is a long time Suns fan, and I actually feel for him over that incident because the same damned thing happened to the Knicks in 1997 against the Miami Heat when they were up 3-1 in their 2nd round matchup when PJ Brown tossed Charlie Ward like a rag doll, and you know what happened? Patrick Ewing, John Starks, and some other Knicks players that were important to that team or those teams got suspended for Games 6 & 7 for no reason, other than Ewing barely stepping on the court during that whole incident, when in fact the Knicks were MUCH better than the Heat that year.

So what happens? The Heat wind up coming back against the Knicks that year and go on to face the Bulls when in fact the Knicks had a better than good shot of actually knocking off Jordan's Bulls that year as that was Larry Johnson's, and Allan Houston's first year as Knicks, and that was probably the best team or Ewing had as far as being surrounded by talent and so much depth that year in 1997.

This was all because David Stern made up a rule that year in the Knicks-Heat series, directly after that incident, that if you put a foot on the court during a scuffle or an incident, you are automatically suspended despite if you didn't do anything.

Nice rule.

This was what set off the Knicks-Heat rivalry. I know they got their revenge 3 straight years in a row right after that year in 1998, 1999, and 2000. But I would trade in the 2000 playoff series win against the Heat for a matchup in 1997 against the Bulls with that Knicks team just to see what would've might've happened as that particular Knicks team had their best shot against Jordan's Bulls. (except 1993)

It really makes me hate David Stern.

David Stern is as much of a joke as Gary Bettman as far as being a horrible commissioner that makes pretty bad decisions goes.

I still enjoy the NBA now I guess, but I miss how it was in the 90's and how physical it was and how it used to be with the hand-checking. You used to have to fight tooth and nail just to get to the basket and score. Not now though. You should have to fight tooth and nail just to score now. It should be that hard to score.

David Stern has watered down that league so bad and you are not able to be too physical anymore. But i've noticed this year so far that the Refs have been letting some stuff go and letting the players play for the most part. I hope it continues.

Anyway, it still makes me mad till this day of what happened in that series when I think about it.

Just saying.

Knicks look great so far this year though, and I really love the way they play now so far this year. Hopefully it can continue.

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