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11-12-2012, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Scion View Post
Stop pretending that you know what general managers around the league think about J.P. Arencibia, you don't. Nor does anyone else on this forum.
You can extrapolate that from what people in the media say, and from their comments themselves. You will never see the things that are said here on sabametrics on the management. In fact, when you get people talking about it, they will talk about the dangers of using sabametrics as an end all be all.

Dirk Hayhurst had a really good segment on F590 about a month ago about it, talking about the advantages but also that in no way, shape or form does it supplant traditional scouting and evalutory techniques, which Arencibia will get much of his value from (His personality, way of handling the pitching staff, his power, his contract status, his talent) instead of people here looking at his OBP and WAR and saying he's a horrible catcher.

This is probably the most irritable thing about these boards, the armchair scouts/GMs who will unrelentlingly bash a player because someone on fangraphs wrote something about it or their advanced stats aren't good. Arencibia is far better than people here give him credit for and I am quite happy that no one like that works for the Jays. Stop using sabametrics as the only thing that matters, because it doesn't, and never will.

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