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I think i watched an earlier video you posted on CDC and this a big improvement. Take out the animation and make it into a slide show with player highlights, and i suggest you provide a written page dedicated to what you are saying and link it to your videos.

Personally, I'd stay away with player comparisons. They never work well, perhaps you can say "This player plays like XXX or his style is like XXX" Comparing players never work because people will always find a way to fault it because players tend to get overlooked because of the comparison. Ex. When people thought Dregor compared Brunstrom to Alfredsson and we all know what that turned out. People always take the comparisons the wrong way, and if the player doesn't turn out to be the compared player, there goes your credibility.

Make Categories like Pro, Cons, Things to improve on, what the player needs to do make the next step, development process. I know a lot of sites that compliment the player but never say anything bad, and that's usually how a lot of prospects get over hyped. I've seen you post for years now, so I assume you probably know your thing but it'll be nice to get some information that is outside the box. Don't include everything, mix it up with every player so if people want more information, you can get them to click your written page that you linked.

Adding some background music(nothing with vocals) should be considered as well unless you wanna change the way you talk. Seems really scripted and dull. Sound more passionate. Imagine Torts voice.

And yeah, try to stay away from bias. You want the general hockey fans to watch it, not the canucks fan base. I'd stay away from personal team interest unless you can somehow include all 30 teams. Difference between you and TSN can be that TSN is very brief. You can, i hope?, can get more depth information for hockey fans that are more than "casual" about hockey

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